Fishing is All About Trust

Upon first impression, we anglers may seem to be a distrusting people. We heavily guard our favorite spots, lures and techniques. There are endless stories of bait shops, manufacturers, reps and anglers being lied to, stolen from or otherwise getting the shaft. You’d think that no one associated with fishing could ever be trusted.

In reality, fishing is all about trust. Anglers trust their own experience and the advice of other experienced anglers to decide what, when and where to throw. They trust products that are designed by local fishermen. They trust their instinct when it comes time to show the fish a little something different.

Trustworthy Bait Shops, Online Merchants and Manufacturers design and sell products they use and stand behind. Word of mouth with those we trust in the fishing community is still the preferred way to communicate.

There is no other activity that generates memories and emotions like fishing. We can all recall special times on the water, bank or ice and long for more of them. Why is that do you think? We think it is because when we fish, we are free to be ourselves. Unvarnished. Real. Trustworthy. Let’s be more of that. Let’s show our kids more of that.

President, C to C Bait Co