Meet the Artisan: Jim Torgerson

Jim's Story

Jim Torgerson was born in Madison, Wisconsin and has been fishing lakes and rivers in the Midwest since he was three years old.

When fishing on the Wolf River using a standard top water frog bait, Jim kept losing fish. The fish would take the bait but setting the hook was a challenge. Jim started thinking of ways to design a better frog bait.

Standard frog baits are hollow, causing them to fold up in a fish’s mouth. The hooks in most standard baits are not exposed and are off to the side. These design elements result in inconsistent hook-ups.

Jim designed the SlopFrog to catch more fish. SlopFrogs are made of solid material with an exposed hook placed in the center of the bait. The bait design mimics a frog in the water with an action different than any other frog bait on the market. The weight and weed guard allow for fishing in any kind of cover-lily pads, bulrushes, reeds, thick weeds and slop.

Jim won dozens of tournaments using the Original Slop Frog including the Wisconsin Mr. Bass Tournament when he caught 19 pounds of fish in 15 minutes. In that tournament, he cast into weeds that “birds were walking on” and proved that the SlopFrog was effective where fish like to reside-under cover.

After years of tournament success with SlopFrog, Jim is now fishing for fun and is sharing his top baits, including the Mendota Rig, with other fishermen.

Jim Torgerson-Artisan Designer of the Slop Frog

and Mendota Rig